1966 D200 High Performance Package

Wesley Myers submitted this truck in October 2004 - He writes:

October 19, 2004

"I am sending photos of my 1966 dodge truck, I am the second owner, I have had this truck since 1968 I was told that it has a 426 wedge engine and custom interior, and special gauges, after reading your website I am now wondering if i have one the rare trucks, my wife and I don't camp anymore, and it has been sitting for a long time, I use it to get lumber once in a while, I am wondering what it is worth, would you please registre it for me, thank you very much."

Wesley - you do have a very rare truck indeed. thanks for submitting with your VIN, Dataplate, SERT sticker info - The Dataplate and SERT info is identical to Matt Mugno's 66 D200 and is an early production 66 that was probably ordered in 65 but titled with a VIN in 66. what a great truck with a perfect headliner and all the go fast goodies like torq rods, dual exhaust, 426 wedge, 727 load flite tarnny, power steering and HD Gauges. thanks for sharing! - Ben

This truck is now owned by Matt Mugno of TX and is the perfect mate to his other 66 D200 featured on this site! way to go matt!


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